Programs and Services

Respite Care
Families of children with special needs seldom get a break from their daily routine.  We help families with the cost of professional respite care and offer respite day camps.

Adaptive Equipment
Babies with special needs can require specialized items that can be very expensive.  We help families purchase items such as specialized car seats, adapted feeding items, and adapted toys.

Loaner Hearing Aids
A wide variety of state of the art digital hearing aids are available through the Loaner Hearing Aid Bank. For questions contact Crista Froeling at 865-579-2496 or

Assistive Technology
We help families to access electronic devices and assistive technology that will allow their child to communicate.

Family Education
We support parents’ efforts to learn about their children’s disability.  We provide financial assistance to families to help with the costs of attending conferences and workshops.

Emergency Support
Every family has emergencies, and our families can turn to us for help.  We provide assistance for emergencies based on financial need.

Bereavement Support
Some children with special needs pass away before they graduate from our program.  We offer help to cover the costs of funerals and memorials.

Family Learning Days
We have events for families to learn more about their child’s development, meet and network with other families that have children with special needs, attend seminars and enjoy entertainment and refreshments.

Hospital Collaboration
We provide Care Packages to families who have premature babies in the NICU at Children’s Hospital. We also have quarterly baby showers at Children’s Hospital and UT Medical Center for families who have babies in the NICU.

We sponsor workshops for parents, siblings, care providers, and professional educators in an effort to insure that everyone involved in the life of a child with special needs has the information they need.

Lending Libraries
We maintain lending libraries where parents can research their child’s disabilities in order to make more informed decisions about their child’s care. Click here for Library Info

Information Networks
Where does a family of a baby with special needs find answers? We maintain an information network of services and resources.  As we research and find valuable resources, we will make this information available on our website.

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